Talent promotion project



Welcome to our website.
We are Team Alpha, the Talent Development Project.
and that's what it's about here:
We are a project of the Bz Emme in Burgdorf.
This project is a talent promotion project.
That means:
we are a total of twelve people involved in this project
visit. We divided these twelve people into three different teams.
This project is a competition!
Every team wants to win, but only the best engine will make this team a success!



02.03.2019 Day 41

Today it was our goal to finish the engine completely and to make it ready for the test bench. We still had to attach the laughing gas bottle and carry out a tightness test of the lines. In addition, the laughing gas system was attached to the freely programmable control unit and a function check was carried out.

02.02.2019 Day 40

This morning the laughing gas lines were mounted on the engine. Engine oil and cooling water were also filled in. In the afternoon all work was done to start the engine. Shortly before closing time it was so far and we started the engine for the first time. The engine ran very quietly, which gave us great pleasure.

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