Talent promotion engine project

02.03.2019 Day 41

Today it was our goal to finish the engine completely and to make it ready for the test bench. We still had to attach the laughing gas bottle and carry out a tightness test of the lines. In addition, the laughing gas system was attached to the freely programmable control unit and a function check was carried out.

27.08.2016 Day 01

Today was our first day. We've been informed about the whole project. The groups were divided up and we immediately discussed the first engine concept. The workshop was also put into operation.

22.10.2016 Day 04

The last time we finally finished the engine for the input measurement. We also asked many possible supporters. The budget has finally been completed and the parts catalogue is also ready for printing.

19.11.2016 Day 07

Control unit connected we had a lot of fun with it. However, we have not yet been able to prepare all three engines for the dynamometer. However our engine is finished.

28.01.2017 Day 10

Today we built the engine from each other. We dismantled all parts except the pistons and the connecting rods and the crankshaft. We want to disassemble these parts next time and start the measurements. We still have a very ambitious goal ahead of us, but we will make it. Unfortunately we are still lacking the supporters for our engine concept.

25.03.2017 Day 13

Today we had measured our engine block. We need this for the next order. We have in mind as soon as possible to order the parts that we can start with the assembly.

17.06.2017 Day 16

Today we didn't have so much to do, because our engine was in the cylinder grinder we had to come to terms with other things. Of course the engine is the main goal, but there are many other things to do in such an engine project. The TO-DO list I still wrote became longer and longer! As long as the motor is in the cylinder grinding unit we are still supplied with work. IN planning is still a sponsored run, since we are at the time quite scarce at the box office, this is probably the best solution.

09.09.2017 Day 19

Today we had a lot of administrative work to do. so we didn't have much time to work on our engine. but Marc and Sven were able to attach our intake manifold to the engine in the rush and afterwards plan something where the lines of the laughing gas injection could be installed.

02.12.2017 Day 22

Today we had engine project again after a break. because we had no engine project in November, we will work today and in 2 weeks the whole day on our engines. today we were busy all day covering the individual parts of the engine with adhesive tape and then painting the parts with heat-resistant paint.

24.02.2018 Day 25

Today the task was to remove the valves and the valve springs from the cylinder head. We then started polishing the inlet and outlet ducts. However, this work presented us with a greater challenge than we had expected. In addition to the polishers working with the Dremel, we also had to revise the electrical circuit diagram of the NOS system.

10.09.2016 Day 02

Today we met for the second time. We built our engine on our engine stand. We rebuilt the engine for the first performance test. Next time the planning will be discussed.

05.11.2016 Day 05

We upgraded The Rush 7. The exhaust and the lambda sensor had to go. In addition, the engines had to be started for the first time. We also had to set up partition walls, so that the opponents groups do not notice anything of our engine.

26.11.2016 Day 08

Today a lot of things happened in our workshop! We settled in with partitions and everything that goes with them. We chose the one on the far right. Since this does not have to be bordered from all sides. However, this was not the only one. We could also get the third engine to start. and had so a full success experience! Next time (03. 12. 16) it's off to the performance test bench. The initial measurement must be carried out.

11.02.2017 Day 11

On the eleventh day the connecting rods and pistons of our engine were removed. We also removed the crankshaft. On this day we also received our secret speciality! The nitrous oxide was supplied with all valves and hoses. Now we have to consider what we have to adapt where so that everything has room in the engine compartment.

27.05.2017 Day 14

Today was another "cleaning day". We clean all parts that need to be cleaned. Since we're going to the cylinder grinder in the near future.

01.07.2017 Day 17

Today we had the handover of the engine project. unfortunately some people had to leave us, but new ones were added again. after the handover we all drove together to rogwil to the race inn. there we had a delicious lunch and afterwards we drove a kart run.

23.09.2017 Day 20

Today we had a visit from Christoph Neuenschwander who unfortunately left our team in summer. Today we also had to measure the holes for the fogger nozzles in the intake manifold.

16.12.2017 Day 23

Today we had the whole day project again. We were busy masking the individual engine parts with adhesive tape and then painting them. In the end we packed all NOS parts and some other parts of the engine together and loaded them into David's car, because he drove to Basel with the material to the nextek.

24.03.2018 Day 26

Today the wiring harness was prepared so that we could connect it to the control unit and then connect it to the computer. With the software on the computer we were able to check whether the power supply from the control unit works. Everything was Tip Top. Sven could also polish the inlet and outlet channels of the cylinder head.

24.09.2016 Day 03

Today we met for the third time. The engine concept has now become more concrete in our group. We documented everything and thought a lot about how the engine should be in the end.

12.11.2016 Day 06

On November 12th we started the engines. If we are going to the performance test sand the next but one time everything has to fit! So we had our hands full with wiring and bridging. Our engine ran great! Unfortunately not all engines started! So next time we have to put it to full throttle so that we can put it to the test at the beginning of December.

03.12.2016 Day 09

Today we had the entrance measurement of our engine. We had to adjust and level everything we had to do all morning with setting up on the engine test stand. However, the measurement went 20 minutes. All three motors are in the same power class and have almost the same torque curves.

25.02.2017 Day 12

We removed the passenger seat, which we had to make a bottom for the nitrous oxide bottle. We want to make this "plate" out of wood. We also had to draw up a circuit diagram for nitrous oxide injection. We want to replace the intake manifold with our own product! However, who can weld aluminium is a good welder. We still have a lot of work to do.

15.06.2017 Day 15

Today is not a Saturday but we thought, Today is a wonderful day to go to the cylinder grinder. We met with Mr. Kobel from Burgdorf and he makes our engine nice again plan.

26.08.2017 Day 18

Today we worked together in the new team for the first time and on the program was a sponsored run. We ran 30 minutes and one was 500 meters round. After the sponsored run we were exhausted and only had a short time to orient ourselves in the new team.

21.10.2017 Day 21

There wasn't much going on in the workshop today. Because of the tire change days, only seven out of twelve people were present today and only two from team alpha. However, we made good use of the time and created a colour concept for our engine.

27.01.2018 Day 24

Today, after Christmas time, we had the big reunion in our group. From now on, we'll only see each other once a month for a whole day. Our program today: After some input from our project manager, we set about implementing the new colour concept. Marc is also busy designing the wiring harness.

28.04.2018 Day 27

Today we received our ordered material. The bearing shells for the crankshaft, the purge for the nitrous oxide and the new throttle valve. Then we could start assembling the engine. We also painted the intake manifold and polished the intake ports of the cylinder head.