01.05.2018 Day 28

Today Sven turned an intermediate piece for the throttle potentiometer on the lathe.

04.08.2018 Day 31

Today we met at David's house to build the engine together. We were able to assemble the engine almost completely. But we still need some material to screw on the camshaft bullies. Therefore, we were not yet able to fix the timing chain and the valve cover.

25.08.2018 Day 34

Today we all met for the first time after the summer holidays. There was a lot to do. We had to transport David's engine to the workshop, after that the intake manifold was temporarily installed to measure the pipes we still need. At the end we had to measure the valve clearance.

24.11.2018 Day 37

Today the rail for the injection system was finally screwed down. Marc finished the wiring harness and packed all cables. Afterwards he was attached to the control unit and checked. I also had to draw a new circuit diagram for the NOS with all switches.

02.02.2019 Day 40

This morning the laughing gas lines were mounted on the engine. Engine oil and cooling water were also filled in. In the afternoon all work was done to start the engine. Shortly before closing time it was so far and we started the engine for the first time. The engine ran very quietly, which gave us great pleasure.

28.05.2018 Day 29

Today the valve cover was painted with the Nos logo and the Duratec logo. Sven has also produced a new intermediate piece of the throttle potentiometer and the throttle valve on the lathe. We also put our unused parts like the old throttle valve or the pistons on Ebay.

10.08.2018 Day 32

Today David still installed the oil pan at his home, as we did not yet have any sealing compound when we installed the pistons and connecting rods.

22.09.2018 Day 35

Today we wanted to adjust the valve clearance. However we got wrong cup tappets and the valve clearance was too small. In addition, the complete wiring harness was checked for function. Sven made a sealing plate for the hole of the camshaft sensor. Also the intake manifold was adjusted with the Dremel.

15.12.2018 Day 38

Today the holder for the NOS bottles was welded together. The solenoid valves for the fuel and for the Nos were also screwed to the valve cover and then planned where the pipes to the manifolds would be laid.

02.03.2019 Day 41

Today it was our goal to finish the engine completely and to make it ready for the test bench. We still had to attach the laughing gas bottle and carry out a tightness test of the lines. In addition, the laughing gas system was attached to the freely programmable control unit and a function check was carried out.

04.08.2018 Day 30

Today we had the last time before the summer holidays project. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to some course participants. We had transported our engine to David's house that day. Afterwards we ate lunch together with the whole team and after lunch we went for a round of skittles.

11.08.2018 Day 33

Today we met again at David's to mount the cylinder head. Unfortunately we could not mount the valve cover yet because we still have to adjust the valve clearance and we still have to mount the friction discs between the camshaft bully and the camshaft.

20.10.2018 Day 36

Today there was not much activity, because at the moment the wheel change days take place and most of them had to work in the garage. Nevertheless we were able to work on our engine. We could mount the timing chain and fix the front cover. now our engine is nearly finished.

26.01.2019 Day 39

Today we had an interesting day. On the one hand the self made wiring harness was attached to the original engine in the car and with the freely programmable control unit the engine was started. In addition we had still begun to obstruct the laughing gas lines from the distributors to the Fogger nozzles.